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    Unanswered: Analysis services partitioning


    Is there a way within analysis services to perform a partition on an automated basis? Not sure if this is necessarily the best forum for my question. Apologies if it falls outside the scope of SQL server.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Analysis Services- Automated Partitioning

    Hi Issac,

    There is an easy method for it.

    You do need to have a DTS package within which you can have an
    ActiveX script. Within the Script you can use DSO object for
    creating partitions(Search Google for getting code for craeting partitions using DSO objects).

    The DTS package can be scheduled at wahtever interval you want the partition to be created (If you need ur partition to be created on Time interval basis).
    If you need your partition to be created logically (like depending upon the size of the cube....), then you can do these checks once again only throgh DSO code that can be scheduled to check the cube at some intervals.

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