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    Unanswered: [O9i][Win][OMS]Event on failure

    Installation Oracle Manager Server

    I already created a superuser. mapping my DBs with SYS AS SYSDBA and my nodes with a Win user with needed privileges (RW on disks, X on CMD)

    An RMAN script already exist, successfully running as an Oracle task. This means that the connection setting is fine.

    I'm creating now a new event:
    Name : Volumetric
    Db: MyDB
    Selected Tests : Espace disque logique plein
    Programming : every hour
    Access : for me
    I'm subscribing and adding into the library.

    ... and this following strange warning is appearing:
    test name : Tablespace Full
    Severity : Error Date/Time : 03-nov. -2004 11:29:39 AM
    Message : Event test "Tablespace Full" failed: ora-28009: connection to sys should be as sysdba or sysoper
    But... a specified before, I've a mapping with SYS as SYSDBA.

    help ! Any idea ?
    F. Celaia
    DBA Oracle/MS-SQL/MySQLSybase/DB2/

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    I had the same problem, using OEM to create & manage the event. The event was managed by an account that had sysdba privileges, but the event failed for the same reason as you.

    I got round the problem by creating an account that was a mirror of the SYS account & then running the event with the new account credentials. (In OEM there is an option to 'override preferred credentials', where you can specify the account of your choosing.)

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