(Using Access 2000)

I've developed a process where a query to a linked table appends records to a table in the db (no linked). I first created the query as a Make Table query. I then changed the query to be an append query instead append to that same table. Works fine! But when I change one field (a date field) in the table to be required, the append query breaks!!! I change NOTHING else in the table. Error message is about can't append records, type conversion failure.

The query results have valid date info. in each row so there's no conflict there. Can anyone explain how to fix this! (I have users also entering some data into this same table, hence the need to make the date field required.)

I've noticed the same problem if make ANY (believed to be) minor table property change is made. The append query breaks! Do I have to modify that table's field values using a system table, instead?

Any ideas???