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    Unanswered: Print BOLD if field = "SPECIFIC NAME"

    I have a small table (7 fields) placed in the REPORT FOOTER using the table tool.

    The first field in the table is [Office]. When I select "define field" after using the table tool, I select [Office] from the drop down list. No problem here. Then I do the same for the reamining 6 fields.

    What I need is the value in the [Office] field to print in bold if it equals a specific name, ie. "THE SMITH COMPANY." the rest of the values to print normally.

    How I do this in the RECORD BAND portion of the report is to place a new field directly over the exhisting field in the record band and make it a calculated field with the following:
    IIF([CBSDCARLSBADLINK.Office]="THE SMITH COMPANY","THE SMITH COMPANY",""). This works perfectly in the record band but fails in the report footer.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

    Thanks . . . Rick

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    Insert printer commands

    You can use the calculated field to insert commands that turn bold on and off. So you would create two calculated fields and depending upon your printer you could then evaluate the field and insert code before and after the field you want printed in bold.

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