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    Unanswered: Oracle9i/Group Functions: MAX()

    hi guys,
    here is the question in my assignment:
    List the most expensive book purchased by customer 1017?
    i have these tables: books, customers, orders, orderitems.
    my answer was:
    SELECT MAX(retail) " Most Expensive Book"
    FROM orders NATURAL JOIN orderitems NATURAL JOIN books
    where customer#=1017
    I get the right answer but i can't get both the book title and its price at the same time on the output. i only get this :

    Most Expensive Book

    So, is there any other way to write the SQL code and get something like this:
    Handcranked Computeres

    Most Expensive Book

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    You have done half the job: find the maximum book price.

    Now write a query that uses that (hint: in a subquery) to answer: select the title of the book that has price = the maximum book price.

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