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    Exclamation Unanswered: looping back to the same table

    Does anyone know if the following is even possible?
    This is just one example of what I'm running into.
    I receive a part in one table (IM) that is linked to another table (BM) that has all the subparts of the initial part. From there, each of the subparts (from BM) is in IM and can have there own subparts. So, I am essentially in an infinite loop until I get all of the subs of subs of subs...
    Going down one or two subs is pretty easy, but I can't get farther down than that w/out it choking. Unfortunately, I need to go down 11 layers.
    Thanks for any and all help!

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    Im a bit confused on what you have... what is a part? You mean a part of an Id, or a code of something?? An example would help...

    Have you seen the "Grouping Data hierarchically" option??

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    Hi tacomarose, can you post some sample data for tables IM abd BM?


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