We have a custom built FoxPro v7.0 application that resides on a network drive. WinXP Pro SP2 machines run the .exe files on the network drive to start up their own session and do whatever.

We also have a server run in the same fashion, to perform automated admin functions within the software itself.

I start a remote desktop connection using WinXP Pro SP2 Remote Desktop Connection (start/programs/accessories/communications/RDP) to the server, load our FoxPro application, start the "schedule monitor" (automation stuff) watch it run etc. minimise the application and CLOSE the remote desktop window, so that the foxpro application can continue running in the background.

If I then connect with RDP again later using the same computer, same program, same username etc., 9 out of 10 times the FoxPro GUI is frozen. I know it's only the GUI that is frozen because I can check elsewhere that the application is still performing its automated functions.

If I want to restore the GUI I have to kill the app using taskmanager and restart it.

Anyone experienced broken apps while using remote desktop?
Anyone had foxpro freezing locally without Remote Desktop?