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    Question Unanswered: Migrating Oracle v8.1.7 to v9.


    I need to migrate oracle v8.1.7 to v9. on AIX. Even the OS, which is currently v4.3.3, will be migrated to v5.2

    What are the pit falls, if any?? Any help on this appreciated


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    I heard the in-place migration works well, however, I took the new db install with export/import route. I wanted a clean home dir and all. There will be some problems but everyone's will be different, that's oracle forte.

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    We are on the same boat here, from v8.1.7 to v9., but same OS. Anyone has "any pit falls" ( if any ) with that ? .. I am affraid we are going to have huge problem since we run a legacy application made in Developers...

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    1)I did use dbua(database upgrade assistant; 2)i used conversion scripts;3) i created a dtabase and imported an exported db; all were very smooth. If there are too many constraints,interdependencies etc 3 may be problematic; depends on your situation. i also used dblinks to INSERT INTO ... SELECT FROM... For a db with very large tables

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    migrate data from Oracle 8 to Oracle 9

    If you need quickly migrate data from Oracle 8 to 9 you may want consider try WisdomForce FastReader ( FastReader unload Oracle tables into flat text, generates control files for loaders and also generate scripts to enable / disable constrains. It support various platforms, like Oracle 8 can run on Solaris and Oracle 9 on HPUX or Windows. I am using FastReader when I need quick snapshot of production data fromOracle and move it to test environment in MySQL

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