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    Unanswered: using multiple selections from listbox to update records

    I have a form with a combo box, list box and a button. The combo box is used to select a particular order (populated from an Orders table), and the list box is populated with all items from a Pending Items table (that aren't already on an order). The purpose of the form is for the user to select all the items that are to be added to the order (this is just after the order has been created), so then when the button is clicked, it will add the selected order number into the OrderNumber field in the PendingItems table for each selected item, thus creating the relationship between these items and the order (since when the Items are first added as Pending, they have no corresponding order) do I do this?? I'm guessing I'll need to use VB, but I can only get as far as having a For Each ... .itemsSelected statement. Is it even possible to do this, or is there a better way of doing it? I'm stumped!

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    an On Exit event of the pending Items list box can do that :

    recsetPending!ordernumber = recsetOrder!ordernumber

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