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    Unanswered: connecting to mysql 3.22.22


    My host provides mySQL 3.22.22. I'm more familiar with version 4 and using phpMyAdmin and mySQL Control Center.

    I have managed to successfully connect to my database, however in mySQL Control Center when I try to create a table it says

    "This feature is not supported for your mysqld server version. You should upgrade to a newer version ASAP !!!"

    (I've also tried phpMyAdmin and it also says to upgrade).

    Well version 3.22.22 is what I have available and I need to work with this. Anybody know a program I can use for this? Or can I connect using the command prompt? If so how?


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    You may connect to command promt: look in mysql directory where did you install mysql and in "bin" directory you will find :mysql.exe run this something like this:
    mysql.exe -u yourusername -p

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