Hi All

I've looked everywhere and found nothing.

Oracle 8i 8.1.7 and EM on Windows does this:

Import wizard in EM
> select dumpfile to import from
> select read contents of the file
> and then it stops with: "could not fork or create job process"

The same thing happens in the export wizard except there you get through the whole process of creating the job. It then tries to run the export and the same error as above.
I've configured the Intelligent Agent service to use a local Windows account and granted rights for logon as batch job but still nothing.

Every kind of job does this - REORG wizard also does it as soon as the job runs.

I read about an EM bug somewhere that requires a patch but the problem was only vaguely similar to this one.

For the amount of time this stuff has wasted, I might as well remove the Managament server and do everything using command line/SQLPlus.

Any input would be welcome.