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    Unanswered: Data conversion programmer interview

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been selected for in person interview for the position-
    Data Conversion Programmer
    I am expected to write a couple of SQL statements before appearing in the interview.Can you please help me in guiding what areas do I need to brush up especially for the above mentioned position? The database being used is Oracle9i.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    what type of conversion? Is it database migration, converting from one db to another, importing data, exporting data? what?
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    Hi Bill,
    The job requirements are as follows:

    1 Ensure that all data from a variety of legacy systems is migrated into the new system
    2 To create detailed mapping between old data elements and new data elements
    3 Analyzing legacy data and identifying problems and issues with respect to the new system
    4 Prepare Time Estimates and Conversion Quotes
    5 Working with the Project coordinators/Customers to develop business rules of resolving data issues, and developing conversion rules to transform the data for the new system
    6 Develop standardized ETL methods for a variety of source systems using combinations of Utilities, SQL scripts and conversion programs.
    7 Develop/Maintain Utility programs/Scripts to automate common pre/post conversion tasks
    8 Perform unit tests for front-end interfaces and reports.
    9 Review Customer feedback on First iteration conversion and Determine Actions
    10 Implement Second iteration Data Conversion
    11 Install the converted data on Customer's database

    If anyone can provide tips based on the above requirements

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    keep in mind:

    every migration projects differs from any other and it is always a "singleton"
    the dealing with sometimes fourfold logic is necessary
    true - false - unknown - n.a.
    Joe Celko mentioned in his first ed. of sql for smarties that the DOD had already detected 14 or somthing flavors of missing, invalid or corrupt data
    & my experience is a couple of shops had even more ...

    the mapping rule may vary from plain moves : move legasy.field to future.field
    you possibly need to map, split up charfields and transfer them to numeric fields
    others my require writing complex functions doing some stuff
    old key fields may be required to transfer also in some remark fields because to customers are familiar with them
    how to handle fields in the target environment you cannot support, because the legasy system has no clue about it - is a simple default sufficient
    and still to mention different or even more checkconstraints in the target environment for which the legasy system didn't care about it ...

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    sounds like you will need to write many scripts to MONITOR the migration
    process as it occurs. This way you will be able to verify what migrated and
    what failed.

    If a failure occurs, what needs to be done? Is one process dependent upon
    another? These things need to be taken into account and considered.

    How do you verify ALL data was transfered? A script is needed for this which
    could possibly just be the sqllloader logs, etc.
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