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    Post Unanswered: Showing NULL values in report

    Hi, I'm having problems when showing my report in CR9 :
    The records which have NULL in one field (at least) do not display... the entire record is filtered. If I execute the SQL query, I can see those records without problems, so I supposed that CR does some filtering over NULL values. I tryied to check the "Convert Database NULL Values to Default" checkbox in the Report Options window, but it is disabled.

    Maybe this helps: One of the field that circumstantially is NULL, is used in a LEFT JOIN relation with another table (it shouldn't make problems if it is "LEFT join", but... ) Remember that the SQL Query works ok.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Report Selection Formula

    Crystal stops processing as soon as reaches a null value. I think you need to check your Report Selection Formula in Report|Edit Selection Formula|Record.

    The positioning of conditions in the Report Selection Criteria is important. Tests for null must come first; without first testing for nulls the report stops processing records once it hits a null value.


    // This one won't work and does not return nulls:
    if {?Risk} = 'All Risk Levels' then
    {datasource.Risk} like '*' or

    // This one would work and show all records:
    if {?Risk} = 'All Risk Levels' then
    isnull({datasource.Risk}) or
    {datasource.Risk} like '*'

    Hope this pointer helps.

    Regards - Andy

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