Our shop is planning on creating a new dataware house. Ours is a Z/OS environment running DB2 v 7.1. The warehouse is estimated to grow to 5 - 7 terabytes. My thinking is that we would be best served to put the warehouse into a dedicated subsystem and isolate it from our OLTP production subsystem. OLTP subsystem abd the data warehouse subsystem woud both be in the sane LPAR. I would appreciate any comments on the wisdom or folly of this plan. I think that the advantages lie in the following points:

to allow creating DSNZ parms specific to the warehouse

to allow FDR full volume backups for disaster recovery

to isolate any warehouse related intervention or outage to a non-revenue stream resource

to better manage subsystem resources that will be required to be set exceptionally large such as temp DB2 storage, buffer pools, DB2 sort space etc.

to allow WLM priority settings against warehouse specific address spaces under a new subsystem

to create an warehouse specific set of DB2 accounting statistics and system resource utilization reports

I am specially interested in any arguments against such a plan.

Thank you,
William Smith
Database Manager
Harleysville Insurance Company