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    Unanswered: Linking help on a many to many relationship

    Structure of the Data Base
    The table we were discussing are as follows
    tblMortgage, tblMortgageSatisfaction, and tblSatisfaction

    Each mortgage can be satisfied multiple times
    Each satisfaction can satisfy multiple mortgages

    The DB is designed that when working with the second mortgage, youre able to link it to the satisfaction from the previous mortgage.

    Additional information!!
    Each mortgage or satisfaction can have a correction record. The DB is designed to save the correction into the same table as the original record.
    In other words, a correction is not saved in a subtable and is not linked to the original record. However, the satisfaction and the correction are both linked to the mortgage.

    Explanation of the fields on the satisfaction table
    SatisfactionRecordID is an auto number field
    SatisfactionID will be the same for the satisfaction and all its corrections
    Correction number will start with one and will increase with each correction

    Here comes the problem
    When Im working with the second mortgage and link it to the satisfaction from the previous mortgage, I want all the satisfaction corrections should also be linked to the same mortgage. (The only place this action will have to take place is the probably tblMortgageSatisfaction)
    How can I do this?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
    For your convenience I have attached a sample DB

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I assume that a solution would be to grab the SatisfactionID from the record Im linking, (Not the SatisfactionRecordID) and loop the tblSatisfaction and link all records that has that satisfaction ID (including corrections)

    The second option could be to save all corrections into a Subtable instead of the same table.
    (The same question applies to the Cema Records.)

    If option two makes more sensible, is it worth to redesign the entire database?
    However before I make any change, I would like to have your opinion on this.

    Thanks again

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