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    Deleting our own postings

    Would it be possible to re-enable users deleting their own postings? Due to the sometimes painfully slow performance of the dbforums site, I sometimes get duplicate postings where the repost takes more than 300 seconds, so the forum software doesn't catch the duplicate.

    It would make me a happy camper if I could clean up after myself instead of leaving the duplicate posts around to clutter the thread.


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    good idea!
    ...but why is the forum so sloooooooooow! why in particular is the Access forum even slower than others?

    back in the good old days when we had delete and avatar and no option for that stupid bells & whistles editor, the site performed well --- since that fatal "up"grade it's like walking in glue.

    what's the problem: soft or hard?

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices this site is ridiculously slow. I will try to post, and then walk away and go run a mile. Sometimes when I come back it has posted. I can "understand" wanting to upgrade to the latest and greatest, but the old forum worked perfectly. The new forum looks slightly nicer, but at what price?

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