I am working on creating documentation for a database that I created. I want the documentation stored in a seperate database with the relevant forms, queries and data.

The documentation has one main form (creatively named frmDocMain) that is used to access all the parts of the documentation, including a couple of other forms, a query and the data tables.

In the user db I want to provide a link to frmDocMain, I want to do this in such a way that if I make changes to this form the changes are seen by the user. The documentation is a work in progress and I want to release something while I am working on the remaining portions. I also want to keep the updates of this documentation easy.

Specifically, I need the frmDocMain form to be able to open forms in the remote database for the user of the main database to interact with. I couldn't find anyway to do this in access but I thought I would ask first!

Any thoughts?