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    Unanswered: a one to many relationship for vendors and vendor dues (was "Help")

    I need to create a database for another department Access xp will of course be the Gui and SQL server 2000 as the Engine. Its a Vendors database one table should show the Vendors Information the name of the company vendorID, etc. The other table will show the Vendor Dues this table will consist of VendorId the duesID (need a unique number for it though this table will need to be updated also) the check#, the creditamount, debitamount,code, and date paid. Was thinking of making a one to many relationship there. But I would like to get the experts opinion. Both tables will need to be updated

    Any Ideas Honorable Gurus

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    please try to use more descriptive subjects than "Help" | @rudydotca
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    Your approach seems fine to me. One table has the Vendor information with VendorId as the PK and Dues table with DueId as the PK and VendorId as the FK from Vendor.

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