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    Unanswered: Compilation and execution error

    Hi everybody,

    I have installed:
    + Red Hat 9
    + Informix SE v7.25 UC5
    + Informix 4GL v7.31 UC3
    + Informix RDS v7.31 UC3
    + Informix SQL v7.31 UC3

    The installation of products went fine.

    But I have some problems with RDS, I4GL and SQL and I think
    they are related:

    1.- I build one module 4gl with the following information:
    ------------ begin test.4gl ------------------
    database test
    define p_tab1 record like tab1.*
    select * into p_tab1
    from tab1
    rowid = 1
    display p_tab1.col1
    end main
    ------------ finish test.4gl ------------------

    2.- Problem with RDS:
    The compilation is correct but when it runs
    it shows this error (-1290 Unknown error message)

    3.- Problem with I4GL:
    When I compile with c4gl it gives me the
    following errors (-1290 Unknown error message and
    -4305 The database test not found or not .....)

    4.- Problem with ISQL:
    When I select the database the first time it
    shows the error (-1290 Unknown error message),
    but if I try again it works fine. It only shows
    the errors the first time.

    It seems that the first time that RDS, I4GL or ISQL
    try to enter the database it shows the error -1290,
    but only ISQL is allowed to try a second time.

    The strange thing is that dbaccess can choose and work
    with the database from the beginning.

    I have found one very bad solution to make the compilation work:
    ------------ begin test.4gl ------------------

    define p_tab1 record
    col1 char(20)
    end record

    whenever error continue
    database test
    database test
    whenever error stop

    select * into p_tab1
    from tab1
    rowid = 1
    display p_tab1.col1
    end main
    ------------ finish test.4gl ------------------

    As you can see, the first "whenever error" allows
    the execution continues even though it gives an error.
    There are two lines "database test" because the
    first one will receive an error but the second
    will not.

    The most problematic is that I'm migrating one
    application version 5 in SCO UNIX to LINUX with
    SE v7.30, and I have (as is normal) a lot of
    database record table declarations. And to solve
    the problem as it is now, I have to reprogram a lot
    of source line code.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be happening??????



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    Please test if you INFORMIXSERVER = connection via TCP/IP or Stream Pipe.
    I remember that tools 7.31 not work via IPC connection, depending of Informix version.


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