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    Question Unanswered: Call cobol program from oracle's procedure

    Hi everybody,

    I'm migrating to Microfocus Cobol on HP-UX and Oracle 10g. All my programs are cobol programs and oracle interacts with c. I made a program in c (shared object) that calls cobol (shared object too). When I run this program from system using rtsora all goes ok, but when I execute the oracle's procedure, it returns "Lost RPC Connection To External Procedure Agent ORA-28576" on line that c calls cobol. I do not understand what's happen. Can anyone help me ?


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    From Metalink Note:224939.1

    * fact: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition
    * fact: WINDOWS NT/2000/XP
    * fact: Micro Focus Net Express 3.1
    * symptom: ORA-28576: lost RPC connection to external procedure agent
    * symptom: Dynamic Link Library (DLL) generated with Micro Focus Net Express 3.1 and NOT with MS Visual Studio.
    * cause: Runtime License for Micro Focus Net Express 3.1 is not installed on the Database Machine executing the Extproc Agent cause functions contained in the DLL not usable without installed Runtime License for Micro Focus Net Express 3.1. This ends up with ORA-28576


    Install Runtime License for Micro Focus Net Express 3.1
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