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    Unanswered: Need Help with a Table. Indvidual Record Formula

    I am still new with Microsoft Access. I am trying to add a total field for each record in a table. I have 15 feilds with in a table and they are dealing with time and I want to caculate the total time for the group and show that feild at the end of each record. Is this possible??? If it is how on earth is this accomplished. Any help please........... Thanks........
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    ok, i think u need a new query in design view, drag down the fields you need from your added table (be sure to include your primary key/id)

    in a blank field put the following (you can use the expression builder)

    Total: (([Total 1])+([Total 2]))

    where <Total:> is your chosen new heading and <Total 1> etc. are your 15 fields - be sure to include those outside brackets

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