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    Unanswered: Single SQL Query to two Foxpro (ODBC) connections

    Dear All,

    I like to know if anyone of you out there can help me solve this issue. I need to generate an SQL Query to access two different FOXPro (databases) connections.

    Connection 1 - has a DSN setup of CMSBM and it sits in the path of D:/CMS/CMSBM/= and the table is bmboml15
    Connection 2 - has a DSN setup of CMSMA and it sits in the path of
    D:/CMS/CMSMA/= and the table is maprodl15

    I am coding in ASP.NET using C#. I have tried the command like:

    SELECT codeno, link, type FROM bmboml15 IN CMSBM INNER JOIN maprodl15 IN CMSMA ON bmboml15.codeno = maprodl15.codeno.

    Obviously the above query is not a working one and a very poor construction.

    Please help!


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    That is Fox-SQL syntax, not MS-SQL, right? If not, what are you getting when you try to execute the statement (I'd expect only an error message, no result set)?


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