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    Unanswered: some blob questions


    My thesis is about the storage of heartsignals (eg: .dat files). My goal is to prove the Oracle is the best choice...
    I have written an application that can upload and download en file to a BLOB in the Database (using java 1.5.0: InputStream/OutputStream).
    The performance is +- 15 mbs on a AMD XP 3200+, 512mb ram, 120gb 8mb cache and WinXP using Oracle 9.2. While just copying a file is a lot faster..

    Question 1: Is this a normal speed or can it get any faster?
    Question 2: Maybe using interMedia?
    Question 3: Can i addapt interMedia, so i can include my own matlab-functions in the db and in that way that i can use them in my queries?
    Question 4: Any other tips/tricks?

    Thanks in advantage!


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    No one any idea?

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