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    Unanswered: self join in oracle

    i just have a simple clarification, since in self join we need to
    utilize the use of aliases to make an illusion that we are
    making a query on two tables....

    but since we are really just getting the data from 1 table is it
    okay if i just use 1 alias in the select part of my sql statement


    select a.item_no, a.item_name, a.group_item_no1
    from item_master a, item_master b
    where a.item_no = b.group_item_no1;

    thanks in advance

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    That is OK, but does it get you what you want? It doesn't show you any data from the "b" copy of the table. a.item_name and b.item_name will not return the same value (in general), because they may come from different rows.

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