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    Unanswered: Access Runtime Issue

    Hi all, I really need help in this. I am trying to distribute my application (app.mde) to the users using the Access Runtime files. These users don't have Microsoft office or microsoft Access installed and my company doesn't want to spend money to buy licences just for one app. So I used Microsoft Access Runtime files to run my app.

    The dilema is that somehow Now() function is not working. I have checked it the problem is not in my code because if I install full version of Microsoft Access, the app works fine. So it has to do something with the Microsoft Access runtime files. I checked the runtime build and that is okay too. Can someone help me on this.. I am totally clueless.

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    Hi Khan,

    The Now() function not working is indicative of a missing or broken reference. Very possibly you have forgotten to distribute an object library (*.olb) or an ActiveX control (*.ocx) with your application. Check all the library references and see if you've ommitted any from the runtime distribution.

    Hope this helps.
    Andy Briggs
    Elmhurst Solutions Limited
    Database Development and Consultancy

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