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    Unanswered: SQL user making Mass Changes

    I have an SQL user making mass changes that is causing so many archive logs to be created that it fills up all the disk space and oracle halts. Is there a way to turn off logging only for this users' execution of the SQL? thanks

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    No not really you can reduce logging using sql loader and using create table as... (using nologging option). Another possibility is if you carrying out multiple operations on the same dataset then copy the dataset into a global temp table, do the operations and then copy it back to the original table.

    A last resort possibility would be to chuck everyone off the database, put it into noarchivelog mode, do the updates and then bring the database back up in archivelog mode.

    The other alternative is to run your archivelog backup when the archive disk is nearly full as this should delete the archivelogs when it finishes. We have a script which automatically runs an archivelog backup when the disk is 70% full.


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    gzip all the archivelogs (not the current one being written to tho!)

    do a hot full backup with RMAN, then issue: delete obsolete
    rman will then delete all archivelogs that are no longer needed
    due to the backup.
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