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    Unanswered: Memory problem….

    I’m having a problem with SQL Server fragmenting memory and not being able to obtain a large enough block of contiguous memory for some operations to run.

    I have a number of stored procedures which, using UDFs call extended stored procedures, which in turn call COM objects (see UDF code below). Over a period of some weeks use memory seems to become fragmented and the stored procedures will error due to lack of contiguous memory.


    DECLARE @objPCPlus int
    DECLARE @Result int

    --Create the object using the in built stored procedure
    EXEC sp_OACreate 'AFDUtilX.Utility', @objPCPlus OUT,4

    --set the Postcode property of the object
    EXEC sp_OASetProperty @objPCPlus, 'Postcode', @strPostcode

    --Initiate the CheckPostcode routine
    EXEC sp_OAMethod @objPCPlus, 'CheckPostcode'

    EXEC sp_OAGetProperty @objPCPlus, 'Result', @Result OUT

    EXEC sp_OADestroy @objPCPlus OUT

    Return @Result


    Due to the many connections which would have to be re-established and its 24-7 use stopping and starting SQL Server is not an ideal solution.

    Is there any way of forcing a memory ‘clear out’ without stopping SQL Server that I can schedule to run at a low demand time?

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    Who's 'AFDUtilX.Utility' and is it bug-free in respect to all the calls to it that you mentioned?
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