Hi there. Got a problem. I am trying to call an informix stored proc from Java using the IfxJDBC drivers. Getting a nullpointer exception on cStmt.execute(). I know that none of the params are null. Here is what the code looks like

ifxCon = (IfmxConnection)pool.getConnection();
String spCall = "{call update_business_object(?,?)}";
ByteArrayInputStream bai = new ByteArrayInputStream(dataAsByteArray);
cStmt = (IfmxCallableStatement)ifxCon.prepareCall(spCall);

IfxBblob ifb = new IfxBblob(bai);
cStmt.setObject(2, ifb ,Types.BLOB);

if( cStmt.execute() ) NullPointer Here
{ System.out.println(cStmt.getUpdateCount());}

Any ideas? The Proc returns an INTEGER.