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    Unanswered: Data is lost when using Transfertext action

    I have a text file that is imported into an access table. As an example, the file contains the following data:

    101,10, 1,04,2South

    The space before the "1" is deliberate. The table has all text fields.

    The following is imported:

    F1 101
    F2 10
    F3 1
    F4 4
    F5 2

    It does not maintain the space before the "1", deletes the "0" in "04" and eliminates the word "south" in "2South".

    How can I maintain the data in the original format?


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    When you import a text file, you have to make sure number and text fields are differentiated from each other. Typically, you would surround a value that is text with quotes: " ". Your import is treating every field as a number, thus only number values are imported. You need to do one of two things:

    1. Make sure each field that should be text is surrounded by quotes for each record: 101,10," 1","04","2South"

    2. Create an import specification, which would be much easier. You can do this by importing your file manually from the database window - set up the parameters for each field and save it. Then you can use this specification in your TransferText action (one of the parameters should be for an import/export specification).

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    Thanks, it worked!

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