Hi Their I Hope Some One Can Help

What It Is i have an appliction form written in asp and i have 2 text fields on it which need the same thing type in them, they are Password & ComfirmPassword text fields

I have a script which checks if they are the same (See Below)

function PasswordCheck()
var frm = document.forms["form1"];
if(frm.Password.value != frm.ComfirmPassword.value)
alert('The Password and verified password don't match!');
return false;
return true;

asp Form Information

<form name="form1" method="post" action="AppResponse.asp" Onsubmit="PasswordCheck()">

if the password check comes back false i want the form to reload and if it comes back true i want it to be continued being processed.
I do not know if it should be written as part of the passwordcheck script or as a If Then Else statement on the action or onsubmit form tag on my asp page

Hope some one can help or push me in the right diredction