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    Question Unanswered: replacing part of string

    Hi all,

    I didn't know whether to post this under informix or SQL, so sorry if it is in the wrong place.

    I have a field in my database which contains a file path i.e. c:\temp\docs\1.doc

    Somewhere along the line some of the records have ended up like c:\temp\\docs\1.doc

    I need to "find and replace" the double backslashes with single ones, but I can't work out how to do it using wildcards. Can anyone help me out here please?

    Many thanks

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    If you have 4gl I would do a simple little program
    have a for loop and parce thrue the string that you select from the table
    and if you find \\ take one \ out and complete the rest of the string

    you can do the same in the stored procedure

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