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    Unanswered: Index on bit column


    MSSql2000: According to docs:
    "Columns of type bit cannot have indexes on them"

    Its impossible to define index on bit column using EM but ‘create index …’ command in QA is working and the index is created.
    I understand why not to create index like this but … its valid or invalid operation to create index on BIT column ?


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    While it does not make sense to create an index on a bit column, it is a valid operation. EM filters out the bit columns when it shows you the columns available to create indexes.

    Bible also says:
    (Under the topic "Create Index")
    Columns consisting of the ntext, text, or image data types cannot be specified as columns for an index.

    Not that Bit is not mentioned in this list.

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    Hi sbaru, thanks for the reply.

    I would like to know why EM filters out the bit columns for index creation.

    I found the limitation about bit as index field under the topic "bit data type, described"

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