Hello, I'm Sarah, 23, from England, as you are about to find out, I am completely useless with server thingys etc, I don't even know what they are!

Ok, here's the story, my grandad got me a website, from one of his clients, when we signed up, it said to download and run this internet connection wizard thing, here's how it went >

Internet Connection Wizard > You are about to change your internet settings etc > Select a modem to use for your internet connection, choice between WAN Miniport (PPPOE) or Direct Parallel (I have tried both) > its says its updating it, then it goes back the the modem choice box, which has no selections available, click ok and it says >
The Internet Connection Wizard could not configure your computer for the Internet. You will need to manually set up your own TCP/IP protocols, Dial-Up Networking, and modem, ISDN line, or other device you use to dial out from your computer.

Now, I have no blooming idea what any of those are, I am completely stuck and I'm at my wits end.

Secondly is the FTP, I'm using IpSwitch as recommended by the company I have the website from. When connecting, using all of the details they provided me with, its says, connection failed.

These are the instructions>


Where dialup-username is shown you should type your own dialup-username! Sounds obvious - but . .

Log into onthe.uk.net with your browser as normal and then start your FTP software.

The display is in two sections. The Local System on the left hand side is your computer
and the Remote Site on the right hand side is the onthe.uk.net Internet computer.

Click on Connect [ bottom left ]

Click on New

In "Profile Name" type a title e.g. Fred's Home Page

In "Host Name/Address" type www.username.onthe.uk.net

In "Host Type" use the arrow to select UNIX (Standard) or Automatic detect

In "User ID" type your dialup-username (that's username WITH the otu- prefix)

In "Password" Yes - you've guessed - type your password. [ you will only see stars *** ]

Leave "Account" and "Comment" clear.

Click on Save Password

Click Apply or Save

Click OK and you will connect to your web space at the onthe.uk.net Internet server.

How do I connect to their server!!??!!

I hope someone can help, I posted this in here as I saw the word server and prayed it had something to do with the subject.

Thanks, Sarah xx