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    SuperType / SubType Question

    Hi All,

    I know this is a DB specific question but I posted in the Access forum and didnt receive a reply. I hope no one has an issue with this post, if so I will withdraw it.

    How does one show SuperType / SubType relationships in MS Access 2000? I need to show the following supertype - tblCollection which is an associative entity containing the common values for the subtypes such as fkValueId for tblValue and fkConditionId for tblCondition. Examples of the subtypes are tblComicBook and tblCoin which each have their own unique values that the other collections do not have. There will be many different types of collections so making tblCollection one big associative entity is not feasable or scalable.

    I can do it easily with Oracle designer but I am relativley new at developing with Access.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You may try using Oracle designer and generate the DDL. Then use the DDL to guide you as to how to code a generalization hierarchy for access.

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    I do not believe sub-types are represented explicitly in design view in MS Access, because there are different options to physically represent the implementation. For example:

    1) Single table
    2) Master + details
    3) Collection of detail tables.

    Once you have decided on your implementation method, the relationships can then be constructed accordingly.
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