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    Tables with No Relationships

    Hi All,

    I have a simple data modeling question. Is it proper in a rationalized data model to have tables with no relationship to any other tables? These tables would have a column identifying itself such as "tblId" which would have the same value in this column for each record. All references to these tables would occur in SQL statements. The "tblId" column value would be created when the table was dynamically created from the primary key Id of a type table.

    Many Thanks

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    If such a table is useful, then certainly you may have it! I don't understand why it would need a tblId column to identify itself though; surely the table name already does that?

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    You are right about the "tblId" column. That stemmed from an earlier attempt to model a superType / subType situation in MS Access and didnt get erased from my whiteboard before I wrote the original post. I guess sometimes you cant see the forest because the trees block your view.

    Anyhow, thanks for your help.


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