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    Unanswered: Control loop flow by using: next, last etc?

    Dear forums members:

    i am new to perl programming and taking a online class. Please give me some help, so I can lean from my mistake!

    I have this programming assignment from school. One requirement is,

    "Asks the user for the index (movie array index) of a movie to delete from the list. If the user enters invalid input, tell the user and prompt him again for a valid index. If the input is valid, delete that movie from the list."

    I used following code to handle this requirement:

    $input = <STDIN>;

    for($index = 0; $index <= $#movies; $index++)

    if ($input == $index)
    print "valid input.";
    last; #break out of the loop when input matched the index

    #I want to use this elsif to handle when user entered
    # a valid index, but won't match exact index of the array.
    # 'next' will start another evalutaion of the for loop
    elsif($input != $index)
    print "****"; #debugging statement
    print "\n";

    # this else statement won't catch invalid input, due to incremment
    #of the index when index reach 2, for loop exits, and error message won't #show. The requirement is that loop structure won't exit until a valid index #is entered by user.
    print "Invalid index entered, please try again: ";
    $input = <STDIN>;


    -- I think i have a logic error here, please give me some suggestions to fix my problem. I appreciate your help!


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    Do your own homework!
    Don't you have a textbook?
    Go pickup a copy of the Perl Cookbook or something.

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    Perl is a funny language. An element of an array may or may not be defined. For example

    use strict;
    use warnings;
    my @array=(1,,3); # note that there are two successive commas here
    leaves $array[1] as undefined. Moreover, you can test if something is undefined

    if (defined ($array[1]) {
      print "\$array[1] is not defined\n";
    else {
      print "\$array[1] is $array[1]\n";
    In English, you're trying to code something that reads as:

    get index number;
    if there is a title for that index number then ....
    else ...

    so that becomes

    my $index = <STDIN>;
    if (defined ($Titles[$index)) {
       } else {
    since you're supposed to get more than one index number you can use a loop just like the one for reading titles

    while (($_=<STDIN>) =~ /^.+$/) {
       if (defined ....

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