I have form with a subform, that is used to input order details. The records on the subform are the order line details and consists of textboxes bound to table fields and also some calulated controls.
Once all of the details are entered I have a button that automatically opens a e-mail using the Sendobject function, the details from the main form are automatically put into the e-mail by assigning the forms textbox values to variables which are then used in the Sendobject statement. This works great!
Now my problem
I want the details entered in the subform to also be automatically entered into the e-mail, but I don't know how to do this, as there can be between 1 and 10 lines (records) in the subform. How do I assign these values to variables that can be used in the Sendobject function?
I assume I need to use an array but I don't know how to assign values to arrays and then get the value out of the array into the e-mail.
Has anyone got any ideas or help. Please!