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Thread: write conflicts

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    Unanswered: write conflicts


    Ive read through a few of the threads regarding this issue or similar but cant understand most of them , i was wondering if anyone could explain (in a simple format) how i can resolve this issue. im a complete newbie at this thanks

    i have two tables

    tblmain frm Main
    ID(autonumber PK) ID
    field1 field1
    field2 field2

    tblsub frmsub (this is a subform within frmmain)
    scID(long int) scID
    field3 field3
    field4 field4

    this is a shared database on a LAN, the db is one file there is no FE-BE


    Person A opens form and has an ID of 2 and scID as 2 which is fine
    Person B open form and has an ID of 3 and scID as 3 which is fine

    Person B saves record and moves on to next record, ID of 4 and scID as 4 which is fine
    Person A saves record and moves on to next record, conflict*as what i think is happening is Person A's form is trying to aquire ID of 3 which was already in use and saved by Person B

    *save, drop changes, clipboard etc...

    The tblmain has no relationships to the tblsub, and locks are only on "edited records"

    Can anyone suggest a solution to this

    thank you


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    I'm not sure if I understand your problem 100% but I will tell you how I handle my multiple user database...

    I trap error numbers 2448 & -2147352567. When these errors occur, I do the following:
    Me.AllowEdits = False
    Me.AllowAdditions = False
    Me.AllowDeletions = False

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