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    Unanswered: Protect my software

    Hi there...
    Im another newbie,

    I wrote a small accounts program,
    now i need to know how do i protect it from being copied and distributed by whomever i sell it to... to kinda prevent piracy.

    oh and im using vb6

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    There are several ways to do this. For the beginner I recommend the simplest. Read the computer name in the registry. Convert it to a CheckSum and use that as a 'key' to unlock the software after initial installation. Only if someone has the exact computer name will it work for someone else.

    Once you understand how that works you can use different things. Combination of computername/username, windows key, or almost anything else.

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    Post Thanks for the reply but....

    thans for the reply...
    I read that this was a decent way to secure it...
    but im not exactly sure how to do this.

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