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    Hi everyone,
    Sorry to bother you but I have a silly question (again ;-)
    How can I make a relative linking of one front-end and one back-end?
    I'll explain it better:
    I am WYSIWYG designer and to link tables I use "Linked tables manager".
    But in this access feature linking of the tables is absolute - C:\tables\backend.mdb
    After I link tables this way and then distribute both front and back-end to another PC the user of that PC should re-link the tables if he wants the applicaton to run.
    So my question is how to make relative connection \\backend.mdb that can run on every computer if the front-end and back-end are in the same folder.
    Thanks in advance

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    is your backend on a shared resource drive or network drive that all frontend users will share?


    Does each frontend user have their own copy of the backend stored on their own machine?

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    By code, You can change the connect property of your tabledefs

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