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    Question Unanswered: Procedure Entry Point

    I am receiving the following error message, when I start up VisualAge Generator.

    “The procedure entry point SQLoGetEnvInternal could not be located in the dynamic LINK Library DB2SYS.DLL” Do you have idea how I can rectify this?

    There are one file with the name DB2SYS.DLL on my PC.


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    Exclamation The procedure entry point .. could not be located in dynamic link library Db2sys.dll


    I have my VC++ application on Windows NT . My Application runs fine with db2 version 5.2. But when I installed Db2 version 7.2 on Windows NT and run the application I got the following error message

    "The procedure entry point for ?sqlocreateappThread ... could not
    be located in the dynamic link library DB2SYS.dll".

    Can anyone Please let me know what can be the reason for the above error..


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