I have a problem with my data access page. It has over 2500 records that i need to be able to search through and grab some information. I did this to stop the need to print out 100 page reports but the problem i have is when the workers try to search through the records, they can only search so deep into the recordset. What will happen is if they need to get to the last record and they type in the number, nothing will happen. But if they go the next set of records and then back to the first set, then try to search, it works perfectly. I have no clue why this happens or what to do with it. Here is the code, however:

<SCRIPT language=vbscript event=onclick for=cmdFind>
' Clone the recordset.

Dim rs
Set rs = MSODSC.DataPages(0).Recordset.Clone
' dim Str as string

On error resume next
' This line assumes that the value you are filtering on is an integer.
' If the search value is a string, use slightly different syntax.
' For example, "CustomerID = '" &amp; CStr(InputBox("Please enter _
' customer to find", "Find")) & "'"

rs.find "Item#=" & cStr(inputbox("Enter an Item Number","Find"))

' Custom error handling.
If (err.number <> 0) Then
Msgbox "Error: " & err.number & " " & err.description,, _
"Invalid Search"
Exit Sub
End If

' Check search results for success.
If (rs.eof or rs.bof) Then
Msgbox "No Product found",,"Search Done"
Exit Sub
End If

MSODSC.DataPages(0).Recordset.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark


It seems as though the recordset has to be activated or something before it'll let them search to the end. They can search like 500 into it but thats it. is there any property or anything that i need to modify and don't know about that can possibly fix this problem? I'll be out til friday this week so if i don't reply to you, i'll make sure i do on friday. Thank you in advance.