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    I want to keep Access to only show one button in the MSWindows taskbar. When my database opens I do a windowhide command on the database window and open the switchboard. As the user moves around the database I either close hide or make the form a pop up. So when the user comes back to Access from another program there is only one access button to click on.

    Now in some cases I use the same form in diffrent places so the form in some cases needs to be a pop up. I dont like closing forms, I would rather hide them since this allows the front end to run faster on a network computer.
    The problem is I cant run the windowhide cmd on a pop up form. So I tried changing the form from a pop up (yes) to (no). In order to do this I have to run desingview make the change then return the form to formview.
    This really isnt to big of a deal it all happens pretty quick and the user dosent ever notice. BUT Access keeps crashing after moving in and out of design view (its a crash with no error). However it dosent crash when I'm working on the forms moving in and out of design view.

    Any ideas why it's crashing? Or is there another way to hide forms or keep access to only show the top form in the windows taskbar.
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