I have a server with SQL Analysis Manager where I created 2 databases, "OLAP_A" and "OLAP_B", with cubes created and data populated together with the default FoodMart 2000 sample. I also installed XML/A and got myself a Java Client.

The problem is that when I try to query for DBSCHEMA_CATALOGS, the only one showing is FoodMart2000! This is not a client query problem as I already tested with some commercial clients and the result is the same.

I believe this is more a configuration problem. On my datasources.xml file I have the default

<DataSourceName>Local Analysis Server</DataSourceName>
<DataSourceDescription>Microsoft Analysis Server 2000 on local machine</DataSourceDescription>
<DataSourceInfo>Provider=MSOLAP.2;Data Source=local</DataSourceInfo>
<ProviderName>Microsoft XML for Analysis</ProviderName>

And I think it wouldn't be necessary to add any more statements, because I'm only using in fact the local server.

I can query "my" cubes with Excel or another OLE DB tool, just cannot access it with XML/A.

Should I add something to the file datasources.xml? Did I forget something when I created the Analysis Manager Databases?

I'm getting pretty desperate because my research is compromised by this problem...

Please help.

Kind Regards,