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    Unanswered: Calculating days without weekends

    I really need someone's help!!! I have a spreadsheet that I need to calculate the difference between business days. Currently I am using the Networkdays function however if I use that function the days are calculated as two days and not 1 in the event the work was completed on the next day. For example

    Start Date: 11/07/04
    End Date: 11/08/04

    calculates the difference between days as 2 when it the work really only took 1 day to complete. I need to keep the Networkdays function but need to calculate the start and end date as 1 actual day it took to complete. I hope this makes sense. All i need is to calculate the difference between 2 dates and exclude weekends... Is this even possible. I don't know anything about VB just need a straight formula for Excel. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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    Networkdays will calculate 2 days because it deals only with WHOLE DAYS. Thus, no matter how little of either day it will be considered a full day; hence in your example part of 11/07 is considered a full day by the function, so also 11/08.

    It depends on how you have the data set up. Are you going to use this for a complete data table? or just two control cells and one result cell?
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    The reason it comes up with 2 when you use the networkdays function between 2 consecutive weekday dates is because it figures that there are 2 workdays there. If you want to show a job that started on Weds. 11/3/04 and ended on Thurs. 11/4/04 as only requiring 1 day, just write your formula as "=networkdays('beginning date cell','ending date cell')-1" and that will give you your work days.


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    Got It!!

    Buckeye.... sometimes the easiest things are right in front of you but you never see them unless someone else points it out, Thanks alot that did the trick!!!

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