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    Unanswered: Combobox value change

    Hi. Here is the problem. I have a combobox populated with store numbers.
    I would like to be able to type a store number in the field and hit enter to run my update procedure. The Change event does not seem to work because when I type in the first number of the store number that triggers a change. The AfterUpdate event does not seem to work either. Maybe I don't understand AfterUpdate well enough.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Forgive me if ive got the wrong handle on this but:-

    If your using a combo why type in the store number - just drop it down and select the number.?

    1st - The afterupdate is usually activted by the change in the contents of the combo - this is effected immeadiatly you make ANY change to the combo contents, in fact even the entry of one number will activate the afterupdate - if you use the drop down facility the update is seen as one activity and the function will respond.

    2nd - if you are using a afterupdate function there should not be any need for it to be triggered by an enter keystroke - remember afterupdate is activated by the change in the combo.

    Consider it your keying in a store number why not use a simple textbox that the number is entered in to and then use a keystroke to activate afterupdate?

    just a thought that maybe your mixing up operations when a little re-thought will sort it out



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    Thanks for the suggesstion. I will try using a txtbox instead. The reason I did not want them to have to click on the combo is there are over 200 store numbers and this used for data entry, so I was trying to speed up the proccess for the user who is use to green screen data entry on an AS/400.
    Thanks again.

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    Are you trying to populate fields on the form that match the store number?
    Such as the store information? Phone addres etc?

    User selects the store number. User hits enter or tab, the fields on the form update and show the information related to that store number.

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