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    Unanswered: Problem with Oracle Expert (Oracle Tuning Pack)

    When I use Oracle Expert to collect and analyze a workload the application crashes. I THINK that it is collecting the data properly from the sql cache and then crashing when it attempts to update the SQL history.

    I used OracleTrace to gather data for use as the data source in Oracle Expert. When I click to generate the Recommendations (do the analysis) the application crashes.

    Not sure if the above 2 problems are related or not. I'm running The repository and target database are on Solaris 9. The Oracle Expert client fails on both WindowsXP professional and Windows2000.

    Is anybody using Oracle Expert successfully? Any pointers or suggestions?

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    let me know what are the params are ya setting inroder to collect the statistics.Did u select the option to update the sql history when it process?
    let me know

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