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    Unanswered: SQLLoader on UNIX


    I have written a PL/SQL script which loads data into a table from a flat file using SQLLoader as shown below.

    HOST sqlldr userid=scott/tiger@testdb, control=D:/ctl1.ctl, log=D:/ctrl1.log

    This works fine from Windows oracle client,but I wanted to know whether this works from UNIX machine,if it does not work then what is the alternative.

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    other than changing the path names to use the other slash (/ instead of \), it will work the same. sqlloader is identical across platforms, even exiting with the same status codes (which is annoying when using VMS but receiving UNIX error codes)
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    Silly question.

    How much data are you loading? Is this a one time?

    If you have the data sitting already on windows client and volume of data is insignificant, why not load from windows?

    If you wish to do load in unix, you have to ftp control file and data files to unix box. Only problem I have seem is special character conversions when ftp'ing the file from windows to unix (eg. line feed, etc).

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