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    Unhappy Unanswered: Developer Suite for 9i Standard Runtime X web runtime !!!


    After i finish installing my developer suite for Oracle9i, i made sample form when i run it it ran as web application interface i mean it use the WEb Browser to work. do you have an idea how can i use the Old developer 6i runtime interface (window style)!!!! ??


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    It is not clear to me exactly what the question is.
    Simply put, 9i only supports webforms.
    The last support for Client/Server (PC-based ) forms was 6i.
    FWIW - If designed/implemented "correctly", the same form source file,
    can be used to generate runtime forms files for both 6i & 9i.
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    You already answered my thanks but..
    i think it is best to Join 9IAS with dev-6i rather than DS coz customizing Webbased Form is so hard, so the question now is can the Ora 9i AS work with DS 6i !??

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