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    Exclamation Unanswered: how does SQL Server deal with multiple databases (was "Please Help")

    Hi please could someone give me a explination of how SQLserver deals with multiple databases, We have multiple website that are all run from the same server all from SQLserver. Now we have a couple of databases which are very busy and have a lot of people constantly accessing them and then we have quite a few with much less traffic.

    How would these databases effect each other? Would the busy database, mean that the many small databases will all be slowed dramtically?

    Everything is okay at the moment but we are considering putting another fairly large database on the server and am worried about it having a sever effect on the smaller databases. Cheers Ed

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    Multiple Databases

    Multiple databases isn't really the issue, it's multiple processes you're really talking about. If you have users running large queries, or doing complex calculations, it can/will slow down other processes accessing the server. It doesn't really matter whether the other processes are accessing the same or different databases. If you're concerned that adding another large database will cause problems, you should either put it on another server, or increase the hardware resources (memory, processors) of the current server.


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